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The purpose of the Newcastle Elementary School District GATE Program is to provide gifted and talented students with an educational experience that meets their unique and diverse educational needs. Instructional support for gifted learners is based on current research and best practice in the field of gifted education and offered the necessary challenge for gifted students to reach their fullest potential. The NESD GATE Program provides students with a differentiated core curriculum that is designed to provide depth and complexity in thinking as well as opportunities for novelty and in-depth research while nurturing their social and emotional well-being.

Each school site is responsible for the implementation of the GATE program. The District assists schools with identification of potential GATE students, district-wide differentiation training, curriculum development and facilitates parent education. 

NESD GATE ProgramTop of Page

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Parents or teachers can make recommendations of students who exhibit one or more of the following potentially gifted traits:
  • Extremely curious
  • Have intense interests
  • Excellent reasoning skills
  • Well-developed powers of abstraction, conceptualization, and synthesis
  • Is a creative thinker/has an unusual or vivid imagination
  • Interested in philosophical issues
  • Unusual or well-developed sense of humor
  • Skeptical, critical, evaluative thinker
  • Is able to make abstract connections and see relationships
  • Processes information in interesting and unique ways
  • Unusually large vocabulary
  • Detail oriented or analytical beyond his/her years

Program Referral & IdentificationTop of Page

Students in grades 4-8 can be referred for GATE testing by teacher or parent request.

Testing registration can be done by completing the online form:


Overall Program DesignTop of Page

GATE students receive a differentiated curriculum that is challenging and appropriate for their advanced levels of thinking. Additionally, there are opportunities for enrichment options at specific sites.

Parent InvolvementTop of Page

A parent information and advisory meeting take place in the fall of each school year. 

Site opportunities for parent involvement are offered throughout the year. 

Transfer GATE StudentsTop of Page

Students who have been previously identified in another district are admitted into the program.

More informationTop of Page

For more information, contact:

Katy Spicer
ESD Director of Educational Services