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School Bus Rules and Procedures

Students are expected to follow the rules and expectations set by placer hills union school district
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The Placer Hills Union School District’s school bus rules and procedures are designed to ensure  student and driver safety. Driving a school bus is a big enough job under ideal conditions, but it  can become hazardous when a driver has his or her attention diverted by even a small  disturbance. The lives of the children riding the bus are literally in the driver’s hands. The privilege  of bus transportation is available to all students but failure to obey the district’s rules and  procedures could result in the student losing riding privileges.  
  • All bus riders must have a bus pass with them at all times and show that pass to the driver  every time they board the bus.  
  • All the bus riders are to obey the driver’s instructions at all times.  
  • Objects shall not be thrown in or out of the bus.  
  • Seats will be shared with other students. There is no changing of seats except with the driver’s  permission.  
  • Appropriate behavior, noise levels, language and respect towards others will be expected on  the bus.  
  • Fighting, roughhousing or other physical contact is not appropriate behavior on the bus or at  the bus stop.  
  • Riders are to remain seated at all times after boarding the bus and remain seated prior to  leaving the bus, until it has come to a complete stop and the door is opened by the driver.  
  • The driver will stop to load and unload passengers only at designated stops.  
  • Chewing gum and eating food are not permitted on the bus.  
  • Students are only allowed to be unloaded on the side of the street they will be walking home  unless escorted by the driver to the other side of the street with a “red light escort”. When the  bus is in sight, either coming to or going from the stop, parents may transport students across  to the other side of the street by vehicle only.  
  • Crossing the street in view of the bus is not permitted.  
  • Red light bus stops will not occur on morning routes.  
  • All passengers are to remain in their seats and be quiet at railroad crossings.  
  • All students are expected to be at designated bus stop and ready to board the bus five  minutes prior to the bus arrival at that stop.  
  • Students shall refrain from touching the outside of any school bus at any time, parked or in  motion.  
  • Skateboards, Scooters or their parts are not permitted on the bus.  
  • Athletic or other equipment is to be left with the driver when boarding the bus.  18. Pets or animals of any type are not permitted on the bus.  
  • Possession or use of any sharp objects, firearms, knives, matches, cigarettes, flammable or  explosive materials, glass of any kind, or large objects on the bus is strictly prohibited.  
  • Balloons are not permitted on the bus.  
  • Damaging and/or defacing any part of the bus is prohibited. Students/parents will be  financially responsible for any damage to a bus by a student.  
  • All other inappropriate or unsafe actions are prohibited.  
  • Continuing to ride any bus after having received a suspension or revocation of bus privileges  is not permitted. 

Board Policy 5131.1 Bus Conduct
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To help ensure the safety and well-being of students, bus drivers, and others, the Board of Trustees expects students to exhibit appropriate and orderly conduct at all times when using school transportation, including while preparing to ride, riding, or leaving the bus.  

The Superintendent or designee shall establish regulations related to student conduct on buses, bus driver authority, and the suspension of riding privileges.  He/she shall make these rules available to parents/guardians, students, and other interested parties.  (5 CCR 14103)

Students found to be violating the district's bus conduct rules shall be subject to discipline in accordance with Board policy and administrative regulation.

The Superintendent or designee may deny a student the privilege of using school transportation upon the student's continued disorderly conduct or his/her persistent refusal to submit to the authority of the driver.  (5 CCR 14103)