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District Vision, Values and Goals

District VisionTop of Page

The Newcastle Elementary School District is committed to work in partnership with students, teachers, parents and community to provide every student with a personalized, challenging, academic program that develops 21st Century skills necessary to become active and effective global citizens. Each child’s innate ability will be supported in a caring, interactive, project/inquiry based learning environment with an emphasis on strong character and personal value.

District Core ValuesTop of Page

  • All decisions are based upon what is best for students.
  • All students can be successful in the right situation with the right instruction in a variety of ways.
  • A safe positive and nurturing learning environment fosters forward thinking, creativity and collaboration.
  • Social, emotional, physical and academic growth are all equally important in the education of each child.
  • Parents are partners in providing a quality education.
  • Strong parent relationships and sense of stakeholder ownership require open communication and transparency of process.

District PrioritiesTop of Page

  1. Student Learning and Achievement
  2. Fiscal Soundness/Positive Cash Flow
  3. Safe and Fully Functional Campuses

Specific Board GoalsTop of Page

  1. Ensure opportunities for the diverse range of views in the community to be shared with the Board to help inform the board during deliberations.
  2. Provide community leadership on educational issues and advocate on behalf of students and public education.
  3. Improve the visual presence of all Board members at individual school events.
  4. Improve knowledge and skill level of Board members through workshops and training.

District GoalsTop of Page

1. Student Learning and Achievement
1.1 All students achieve a level of proficient or advanced in essential Common Core areas of skill and knowledge as measured by local assessments and Smarter Balance Assessments, and attain the academic, career, and technical skills needed to succeed in a global society.
2. Facilities
2.1 Implement the requirements of Title II, Americans With Disabilities Act by fully completing all the steps of a self evaluation of policies and procedures relating to Title II requirements.

2.2 Approve and implement a 5-year Facilities Master Plan to include parking lots, fields, and restoration to buildings.

2.3 Set aside a funding source to implement the plans.
3. Finance
3.1 Maintain the fiscal integrity of the District and manage the District’s assets and accounts to improve classroom instruction and educational opportunities for all students with priorities for student achievement for targeted student populations with a focus of using one-time revenue only for one-time expenditures.

3.2 Maintain the reserve to sustain the District expenses for a minimum of three months or a minimum of 15%.

3.3 Support technology that will enhance student learning, teaching and non instructional operations.

3.4 Align long term debt with facility procurement and facility Improvements.

3.5 Maintain a positive cash flow in all funds within the District.
4. District Culture
4.1 Cultivate positive and inclusive relationships between sites, central office, site governance boards, and the Board of Trustees.

4.2 Ensure our students, families, staff, community members and Charter partners feel safe, connected, informed and welcome to participate as true partners in the education of our collective students.