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Placer Union High School District Attendance and Transfer Policy

Dear PUHSD Resident Families,


In an effort to ensure that all our current and future Placer Union High School District families have a clear understanding of our Intradistrict Transfer Policy, we would like to review the current and future revisions with our Intradistrict policies. After an extensive and inclusive process, the PUHSD Board approved the revisions of Board Policy 5116.1 and Administrative Regulation 5116.1 to allow the district to ensure the comprehensiveness of our smaller high schools.


To highlight changes that occurred for school year 2015-2016 included:

  • Addition of a deadline for applications to be submitted. The timeframe is January 1st to February 10th.
  • Applicants have to meet with principal or designee of the school of residence prior to submitting an application for intradistrict transfer. The only exception to this is if a sibling is already attending and will be continuing to attend the requested school while the new applicant will be in attendance.


Changes for school year 2017-2018 school year (applications being submitted by February 10, 2017) include:

  • All students are expected to attend their school of residence.
  • All transfer applicants will need to demonstrate a hardship. Hardship is defined as an unforeseeable, unavoidable and uncorrectable act, condition or event, outside of the student’s or family’s control, which causes the imposition of a severe burden, unrelated to an curricular or co-curricular activity in which the student wishes to participate.


To clarify who needs to apply for an intradistrict transfer, students’ school of residence is based on their home address not on their school of attendance for eighth grade. If you would like your child to attend a school that is not your home resident high school, you would need to apply for intradistrict transfer. If you are unaware of your resident, on the PUHSD website under schools is a School Locator Link.


Please refer to the Placer Union High School website to review copies of the entire BP and AR 5116.1. You may also access a copy of the Intradistrict application with an outline of procedures to complete to assist in applying. We are happy to provide hard copies upon your request. You may contact PUHSD Receptionist at (530) 886-4400.





Elena DalFavero

Director of Pupil Services





AR 5116.1 Intradistrict Transfer and Open Enrollment


BP 5117 Interdistrict Attendance